Current Status of Delay

  • @dhbailey Well, that's a bit of a bummer for sure. As it is, the closest thing I have for an amp is firing up RockSmith and using that as an amp. I really don't know how bad that is because I've never used anything else/better. I tuned it to get the latency low enough so that part is not as issue and I can make all sorts of adjustments to pedals to get different sounds while I go through Guitar Tricks. So for me, I have at least something I can work with until the Spark comes in. (Although it is a bit of a hassle to crank up the PC and get everything running each time.) I suppose if somebody else releases something as good or better in the price range that you can get sooner, I might be willing to go that way, but I'm not aware of anything that's as good for an all around practice amp for the price, which is probably why they are swamped with orders.

    Hopefully we can't predict future delivery speeds on the past since I do believe they are working through production and supply issues. I mean, if you have a product that people are screaming for, why wouldn't you try to fix those issues to get more out the door faster? Meanwhile, I'll limp along with my poor mans version of an amp. (Figured I'd mention that method in case somebody needs something cheap to get the by while they wait.)

  • "FYI, ordered the Last Chance Special on may 28th and just out of curiosity, I asked support for an ETA and here is what I got back "will be shipping out all Last Chance Special orders starting mid-June and continue throughout July".

    Positive Grid's response is very cleverly written. It does not say anything about when he will receive the amp. It does SUGGEST that he will get the amp by end of July at the latest. But... it doesn't actually say that. It says they plan on shipping throughout July (and what they really mean is they will also be shipping Last Chance into Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, etc)

  • @macgringo - Is it too much to ask that this be a place free of political BS that we can't seem to avoid these days? Stick to issues relating to PG.

  • Haven't updated this in awhile. PG has as of a few minutes ago sold 74,210 units, for a total of $17,570,344.00 in gross sales revenues (not counting refunds, I assume). They are still taking "Last Chance" orders, which total 52,360 and account for a little over 71% of the total revenue.

    Fulfillment of orders seems to be accelerating somewhat. While for the first 10,000 it was taking around 6 months to deliver, there seem to be significant numbers of people receiving theirs much earlier, although some are still waiting that long.

    Be patient, most people are finding it worth the wait. (And remember that watched pots never boil!)

  • Again, have not posted much here since I received my Spark on 5/27 and it appears PG is finally getting control over its supply and distribution network.

    There have now been somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 shipped and received. As of a few minutes ago, 80,874 had been sold for a gross sales revenue of $19,110,048.00. Approximately 74% of that has been from the sale of "Last Chance Special" which are now shipping. The first 20,000 - 25,000 customers had to wait 6 months but delivery time with "Last Chance" had dropped to around 4 months and there are recently reports of units received after 2 1/2 months. I expect PG will continue to improve on that, although there are still hundreds of customers bitching and moaning on the Facebook page. This may be my last post here as the original purpose for tracking all of this is pretty much satisfied.

    Oh, by the way, it appears that only 240 customers have cancelled their orders for refunds, although I might be misinterpreting the data.

    Hang in there

  • @macgringo If you want to discuss politics here is a good place.

  • @stinger0625 said in Current Status of Delay:

    @macgringo If you want to discuss politics here is a good place.

    😂😂😂 now that's a forum I'd like to be chief moderator...
    any vacancies.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • @crystalpit I have no financial interest in it and in fact donate $20 a month but I am the highest poster over the years. I keep my political discussions for there.