Current Status of Delay

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    I’m not arguing for or against Positive Grid's communications here. That’s an all different thing. I just wanted to correct the misunderstanding in the original post that making a thousand amps yesterday doesn’t mean shipping a thousand to customers today.

  • @jonj33 You really?

    I Ordered earlier than you, "Nov 06, 2019 03:19" - and still "Being prepared. "
    You are a lucky guy.

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    Hi Andy, you are right in your statement, I also understand this. However what I was trying to express, is that positive grid knows this (logistics of shipping) and this was Implemented in the original shipping dates, and also implemented in the multiple revised shipping dates. If they did not implement this, then that is a major failure of the company not to do so.

    It is also a major failure of the company not to be honest And upfront to the customer who purchase their product. I Purchased mine during the power supporter program. The original ship date was the middle of January, then pushed back to the middle of February, then pushed back again to sometime March to middle of April. I wrote to positive grid multiple times inquiring about an update (none of my emails were answered). Now it is April 18th, I would not bet any money on myself receiving this amp anytime soon.

    I was honest, I sent them my money in good faith (like many others did too). Positive Grid should give a sincere realistic shipping date (they know the logistics as I’m sure this is not the first time they have built a product). My opinion, they need to reach out to the hundreds or thousands of customers who have pre-ordered a spark amp and show some honest good will about deliveries (as I have seen hundreds of upset customers posting feedback’s on multiple different forms and webpages).

  • OK, with another week gone by, Positive Grid now has made 47,720 pre-sales with total gross revenues received from pre-orders of $11,288,140.00.

  • @jameswwiggin again, sorry. I edited my comment.

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    Does your analysis account for those who have cancelled their order and received a refund? That number may be larger than you think.

  • @bigdaddy No, I have no way of knowing anything about cancelled orders or refunds. I am just using the numbers that appear on the Spark page. I have noticed in some of the threads that people have cancelled, although I would guess that number to be relatively small.

  • @macgringo You'll be lucky to have it by November.

  • @tonyfederici1964
    Make sure you put down your crack pipe when your Spark arrives so you don’t hurt it or yourself.

  • @kekotorres56 that was very rude And nasty of yourself. I never said anything rude to you. So go fuck off you asshole jerk.

  • Yesterday PG passed 50,000 pre-orders. By my count there have been 50,181 sales for a gross revenue received of $11,878,030.00. Maybe it's time for another update from PG.

  • @jameswwiggin I agree, it's been nearly a month since their last update. PGs response to these shipping delays leaves alot to be desired. I ordered in Nov (almost half a yr ago!) and still haven't had any meaningful update regarding my purchase, even when contacting them directly and providing my order info. They should have been upfront and handled this better from the start when they first became aware of the issues, but instead they kept doubling down with excuses. Not once has someone representing PG stood up and took some responsibility for the issues. The poor communication and lack of responsibility show me this company lacks leadership...or any cojones.

  • Congratulations to Positive Grid: It just passed $12,000,000.00 in gross revenue received with 50,695 units sold. There have also been some new messages on their Update page that suggest they will soon have shipped all Power Supporter orders.

  • @jameswwiggin said in Current Status of Delay:

    There have also been some new messages on their Update page that suggest they will soon have shipped all Power Supporter orders.

    mine hadn't arrived yet.
    Considering what they claim delivery will be on current orders and how long the older ones took to deliver, my interpretation of "Soon" means another 45 days at the very least for power supporters...

  • @tonyfederici1964 said in Current Status of Delay:

    To me it sounds like Positive Grid is being much more like the democrats and fake media news like CNN. I wish Positive Grid would be much more upfront and honest like President Trump as he at least honest and sincere updates every day.

    I have to assume you're joking. No rational person could actually believe that.

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  • Updating after another weekend, PG is inching up on $13,000,000.00 in gross pre-sale revenue with nearly 55,000 sold. Current number is 54,746 for $12,977,090.00 in gross revenues. Should hit both milestones sometime today.

    Based on the FB page devoted to people waiting to receive, shipments seem to be up with nearly all orders from November filled.