Current Status of Delay

  • @jameswwiggin After the weekend, total pre-orders are 44,240, with gross revenue received from pre-orders at $10,447,184.00.

  • I merely pointed out an apparent absence of honesty that is similar to the narcissistic cheeto’s stance.
    It would be nice for PG to be open, accept that it hasn’t been handled well, having left so many people guessing with precious few updates.
    Communication and honesty/openness.
    Sad state of affairs when companies adopt this smoke and mirrors approach.

  • @frontcentermusician You are 100% correct.

  • @jameswwiggin: Positive Grid is being upfront with their customers...totally. They have explained why there are delays, and are shipping and building as quickly as they can, I believe. Like you, I've been very anxious to receive it. No one could have estimated the huge number of units that were pre-ordered. PG couldn't have been prepared for the demand. BTW - I ordered my Spart on Nov 19, 2019. I got an order update email from PG on April 11, 2020, stating my Spark had been shipped, and I received my unit on Apr 14. (Power Supporter Category). It was worth the wait! Be patient a little more. You'll find the Spark is worth much more than the amount of your pre-order.

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  • @jonj33 Hi Jon, regarding your belief that PG is "totally upfront", is it your position that orders for the Spark placed today will be shipped in the next couple weeks or next month as their website states ?

  • @jonj33 Hi - do you know how long it took to go from In Transit to Shipped states on your order? I am about a week behind your order date and hit In Transit yesterday. That's the date stamp, but I really thought I saw it before then. Anyway, if you remember and don't mind sharing I would appreciate it!

  • @rexlarsenphoto I didn't say PG was being "totally upfront," that was @jonj33. I have simply been tracking total orders and gross revenues received in response to a lot of posts who suspected Positive Grid is a fraudulent enterprise and simply ripping people off.

    I suspect PG was initially overwhelmed by the volume of orders, but as a relatively small business had to be ecstatic at the response. But then along came the pandemic, which I'm guessing has thrown a real monkey wrench into the works. They have attempted to calm the storm with updates and by adding the tracking feature.

    That said, I do have some concern that PG may be violating consumer laws in various states by continuing to run a "Last Chance Special," which is extended day-after-day as a "pre-order" before the "launch." Clearly the product has launched and PG is now just taking regular orders that will not be filled for months because of the backlog. They have now brought in over half of their gross sales revenue selling the "Last Chance Special" -- over $5,000,000-- which was offered when there already was a backlog. The attorneys general of more than a few states might consider that a deceptive trade practice. I'm not saying that PG has any fraudulent intent, but sometimes businesses become overly enthusiastic with their success and lose track of things.

  • @jameswwiggin oops wrong guy, really sorry

  • I think they are a smaller company, and their social media marketing campaign was way more aggressive than they were prepared for. Even after people were having delayed orders I was still seeing advertisements about the amp on facebook. I was lucky enough to already have heard about it before the first order was even up, and even then I wasn't in the first group because it filled up within 24 hours. This was all before COVID-19 even happened, which complicated things even more. I got one of my early orders 3 or so weeks ago, so if they are working their way in chronological order through them its not surprising some people are still waiting.

    People on the internet just tend to lose grip with reality sometimes. If you can't afford the price or to wait, then just cancel. They aren't doing a money grab, they are just behind in fulfillment.

  • @joshewah honestly not trying to pick a fight or trolling. But I find it hard to say it's not a money grab and that their just running a bit behind schedule. If you place an order today it says expect delivery by April-May. Do you really think that's the case? Or are they misinforming customers...
    I think it's misinformation, and they only conclusion I can draw is that they state these absurd delivery dates to drum up orders.

  • @jonj33 If you order one today (4/16) it says delivery in "April-May". Do you think that is totally honest? I think there is zero chance someone who orders today will get one in April, and only slightly less than zero chance they will get one in may. Yea, it's an estimate, but companies are expected to provide estimates based on best information and they are telling people (via email) that it's June at best. So why are they still advertising April-May?

  • @tmcatdrvr
    Yes I caught that too. Its pretty obvious at this point that the wait is 4-5 months not 4-6 weeks they are promising new customers.

  • This post is deleted!

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  • @drewmcd Why bring up Trump? If you are suffering from TDS, then you are going to have a hard time for the next 4 years. Chill!

  • @jameswwiggin said in Current Status of Delay:

    Back on March 26 Positive Grid reported that it had already shipped thousands of Power Supporter orders and was manufacturing 1,000 units per day. That was 16 days ago. Assuming that they are only manufacturing 5 days a week, this is the 12th production day since that announcement, so 10,000 to 12,000 should have been manufactured. Assuming the "thousands" that had already shipped by March 26 was only 2,000, there would only have been 7,000 Power Supporter orders left to ship, which means they all should have been shipped days ago.

    I used to oversee manufacturing of a range of consumer products manufactured in China. While my area of expertise was not logistics, I have some insight as to how things move from the factory floor to the distribution center.

    The important thing you’re missing in your analysis above is that there is a delay of at least a month between the date a product is made and the date that it arrives in the US distribution center.

    Among the factors...

    1. When they say they're making a thousand a day, they aren’t forwarding those along until they have at least a truckload. The units may not leave the factory for a week or two as they build an entire shipping lot. I’d bet a lot that they aren’t sending them out in daily sweeps.

    2. When they get to the port (or wherever they are loading the containers), they have to wait until they have enough to fill a container. Easily another couple weeks before they've processed enough truckloads from step 1 until they have enough to close up the container.

    3. Count on a month or so from the port in China, transit time over the Pacific and unloading in the US. Then add some time for freight from the port to the Positive Grid warehouse.

    So let’s imagine that on March 26th they made a thousand units, and the same every day after that. Positive Grid won’t have those specific amps on hand to send out until late April at best, and more likely the first couple of weeks of May.

    Your math about the rate of production is good assuming the 1k units a day still holds is good, but the conclusion completely ignores the fact that those units are on a loading dock on the other side of the world. And one thing I guarantee is that PG isn’t air freighting these given that $200 price point.

    Now, take all my shipping estimates and add the COVID impact and god only knows what the ultimate impact is.

  • @andykeck fair reply makes sense to me. im looking at mid may or end of till mine is ready thats with out shipping.
    im in the uk.

  • @andykeck then should not positive grid give a reasonable estimation on time of delivery for the people who have ordered the spark amp. However positive grid has not done this, then have done the opposite and have mislead everybody with multiple delivery dates that has never happened.

    I am a understand person (which I am sure most of us are) and we would understand delays and accept these if we were honestly informed of them, however positive grid has not done that, but done the opposite (which is a reason for so many upset customers). Corona virus is not to blame, politics are not to blame, the only blame is the insulting lack of honesty by positive grid to its customers.

    I am a power supporter, I ordered mine back in November. I wrote to positive grid multiple times about my shipping status, however I have never received a reply to my question (except one reply that said that they can not answer as I did not include my telephone number in my inquiry about a shipping status, even though I provided them with my name, address, order number and a photo copy of the invoice).

    People are forgiving and understanding, and I’m sure positive grid customers would work with them if given the opportunity during these difficult times. However positive grid has done the exact opposite and insulted many customers who have ordered from them and showing them lack of respect.