Current Status of Delay

  • Time to update this thread after another weekend. PG has now taken 57,382 orders and brought in a total of $13,606,888.00 in gross revenue. Approximately 63% of the money brought in has been on the "Last Chance" deal, which clearly is not a "Last Chance" since they increase the number available every day.

    That said, it appears from the Facebook thread that they will soon start shipping orders place in December 2019. They are still filling Power Supporter orders, which means they have not yet shipped approximately $2,235,450.00 in product despite receiving over $10,000,000 more in sales receipts.

    As I have repeatedly said, it is understandable that they underestimated the initial response and then were delayed by the pandemic. But they should stop pretending that the product has not launched and offering "Last Chance" specials before they find themselves in legal trouble.

  • I have a feeling they received even more orders under their "power" and "player" specials than the numbers reflect.

    The only reason the numbers keep going up on "Last Chance" is because they can't come up with anything after "Last Chance". I mean what could you use after that? The "seriously Last Chance" special. The "Final Last Chance" Special. The "Ultimate Last Chance" Special. How about the "We're Arrogant Bastards and we think you rode the short bus to school because you are Special" special. Yep this company may have shot themselves in the foot with this fiasco.

  • @jameswwiggin said in Current Status of Delay:

    Time to update this thread after another weekend. PG has now taken 57,382 orders and brought in a total of $13,606,888.00 in gross revenue.

    And this is from an E-mail received on the 26th of March: "Our Spark production is now running at full capacity, and we are steadily manufacturing 1000 units per day." If it's like they say they should have produced around 50 000 amps since then... Or maybe this was only one step in their habitual process of misleading...

  • Finally I just received a reply from positive grid. I am a power supporter and I ordered mine in November. After I ordered, I told my friends who then ordered there spark. My friend has received his spark a while ago and he ordered AFTER me. When I ask positive grid why, here is what they responded back to me.

    We know this is extremely frustrating, as you have been waiting a long time and now there’s further uncertainty regarding your delivery date.

  • @davealexander59 UPDATE.

    I got it today and it is awesome. I especially like the Smart Jam feature. That's pretty much what convinced me to buy it. My God, that is fun.

  • @jameswwiggin Does anybody know what state they are headquartered in? If we could find out, we could contact the attorney general in that state to investigate their business practices.

  • Well, that was not too hard:

    Karla Vazquez, President
    Las Vegas, NV, 89169 - 6014, USA

    Incorp 1.800.246.2677

    Manager Tao Liu 3773 Howard Hughes Pkwy. - Suite 500S, Las Vegas, NV, 89169, USA

    Anybody got an in with the Attorney General in Nevada?

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  • OK, PG now shows the amp+headphone "Last Chance" Special as "Sold Out". I'm guessing this means when the current allotment of "Last Chance" amps and amps+bags is reached that they will finally stop running the Last Chance Special (as I have suggested they should for legal reasons).

    Current sales are 58,803 units for a gross sales revenue total of $13,950,576.00. Looks like they just might clear $14,000,000.00 if they sell them all (less refunds, of course).

    I am happy to announce that my "Power Supporter" order, placed 12/3/2019 is now "In Transit". I continue to believe that all the orders eventually will be filled--it will just take a long, long time.

  • @aaiigee That statement is no longer on the site.

  • I spoke too soon. Must have just caught it before they increased their numbers, which they have now done several times as they have today exceeded $14MM in gross sales. Current sales are 59,184 units for gross sales revenue received of $14,041,910.00.

  • @tonyfederici1964 I hope that’s a joke

  • @antkn33
    Nope, was not a joke. That’s what they wrote and told me.

  • I don't understand how this amp can have a legitimate retail price if they never close the books and stop offering such a deep discount. How is it good business sense to offer for half price what they could sell at a price much closer to retail, perhaps at a 10% discount and make a much higher profit?

  • This is a marketing strategy that many businesses use when establishing price of their product or service. The price you are paying is the actual true retail price. Take a look at PGs software suites. It’s very rare that a 40% sale is not in effect. Relating to Spark, it appears it Is a product that offers very good value, however the current price is the true market value at present. For the future,,,time will tell.

  • I just received notice that my Power Support order, placed 12/3/2019, has shipped. Apparently that means the shipping label and box are at Fed-X in California although it has not actually shipped.

    Just an update on the numbers. PG has now pre-sold 60,814 units and received a total gross sales revenue of $14,430,294.00. The "Last Change" specials which they extend every day, now constitute approximately 65% of the pre-sales and approximately 65% of the pre-sales revenue.

    Those who have been following my updates on this know that I have repeatedly maintained that PG is not a fraud and is not stealing anybody's money but that it is time for them to stop pretending that the product has not launched and offering "Last Chance" specials when there has never truly been a "Last Chance."

  • I guess in the scheme of things 15,000,000 dollars is a nice chunk of change for PG.

    I do think though they could have treated the masses a little better when it came down to distribution.There's a lot of cash to play with now, so possibly different freight options could be considered to get the product to where it belongs quicker.. that's US..Then they would more than likely have glowing reviews about their technology within Spark.NO ONE WILL MISS OUT on getting a Spark if they want one after all this debacle is sorted, but the bit about the Last Last Last Chance was a cash grab to keep production rolling on...ordered mine Jan 1st #123640 Australia..hope there is a shit load on the first trip to Oz ..

  • got this this reply today...

    Thank you so much for pre-ordering Spark. We truly appreciate your patience, as we know you've been waiting longer than anticipated. Our original shipping partner to Australia closed its operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to identify a new one that could reliably deliver to you as fast and efficiently as possible.

    We're writing to let you know that this week a container of Spark amps is on its way to Australia and will be distributed to purchasers in mid-June. It has been a challenge to secure reliable delivery partners during these unprecedented times, and we know this time frame is later than we originally anticipated. We want you to know that we are working around the clock to get you your Spark as soon as possible.

    which contradicts an earlier reply I got over 3 weeks ago....
    which week did they ship the container? This week.... or 3 weeks ago?
    that is the question.....

  • I received notice today that my Power Support order, placed 12/3/2019 is on the road from California and will be delivered Wednesday, 5/27. My order number is 108***.

    PG has taken 61,540 total orders, only 10,050 of which are through Power Supporter, 11,800 of which are Player's Special, and 39,690 of which are "Last Chance" specials. Total gross revenue received is $14,601,164.00, over 65% of which is now for "Last Chance" specials.

    As I have been telling people for months, PG is not a criminal enterprise and is not stealing people's money or committing fraud. That said, I have been critical of their decision to continue extending the "Last Chance" special day-after-day, when it is clear that the product has launched and that--so far--the Last Chance has not been reached. I have warned that such conduct could run afoul of the FTC or state deceptive trade practices statutes. I believe the Ohio Attorney General, for example would declare it a deceptive trade practice to advertise a "Last Chance" special for months because it suggests to buyers that they better place an order today or lose the discount.

    Arguably, 39, 690 customers have now fallen for that. I see many comments from Last Chance buyers who say, "Gosh, I bought my amp 2 days ago before reading all these comments and realizing I might not receive it for years."

    I think PG is a good company and I hate to see them getting themselves in trouble. That said, it is also a good sign for us that they are making a lot of money on this because it increases the chance they will make and support the product and improve the software for years to come.

  • I pre-ordered mine on November 24th. I too received the same email as you saying that my spark is being shipped now and I will receive it on Wednesday 27th. According to the tracking number positive grid sent me, The item has Not been given to FedEx but this packing slip was created a few days ago saying that it was.

    This is NOT the first time that I have gotten one of these emails promising me that my spark has been shipped with a Promised delivery date.