Realistically what do I need to get started with the spark

  • As the title suggests I’m after what realistically I’m going to need to get started with the spark when it arrives.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything I need to be able to get started with the amp with the wireless transmitter/receiver from the guitar to amp and I’ve got a pc. I’ve also got the basic bias 2 software as a goodwill offer from PG.

    But if I want to be able to record and show my efforts on say YouTube what else am I going to need?

    I’ve got myself a USB-B cable to lightning connector wire and an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

    I’m a total newbie when it comes using a pc with guitar and I’m not sure what else I’m going to run into cost wise that I’ll need to save up for.

    Any help would be welcome thanks.

  • You can record video/audio in the app (see camera icon at bottom of home screen).

    For recording with the DAW on your computer ...

  • @thermality thanks for that I did see those posts. So basically if I don’t want to get a naff mono sound it’s gonna be expensive then as I’ll need another module before it goes to the pc and then some more wiring.

  • I'm new to Spark and to recording so I'm not the one for definitive answers, but I know when I do start recording I'm gonna want the jam track or backing track included in the recording, and I don't want to have to spend a fortune doing it. My research indicates four items are required:

    • a 1/8" to 1/4" Y cable (easy to find, not expensive)
    • an audio interface -- you can spend a little or a lot, just search on Sweetwater, I'm interested in a Behringer model at US$100 or less
    • a 1/4" to USB Y cable -- easy to find but pricey @ US$35
    • a DAW (recording software) on your PC -- the free Presonus StudioOne comes with the Spark but you're not limited to that if you prefer some other version or brand

    Such a configuration would accomplish my objective, whether or not it satisfies your audio quality goal may or may not be another issue. One thing I'm not yet clear about is when I'm using the headphone jack to capture the backing track does it include my instrument (which would make it all one track) or can I use the headphone jack and the USB cable simultaneously? My guess is you have to record the backing track first via the interface, then come back and record guitar via the USB.

    I should add one important note -- I have already discovered that in StudioOne you can add a local (stored on your computer) backing track to a recording session without the need for any of the gear mentioned above. All you need for that is the USB cable from amp to PC to capture your guitar. You only need the audio interface + cables to record jam/backing tracks accessed via the Spark app.

  • @thermality thanks for that looks like I’ll have to start saving then.

  • @kain-harkins I'm going to use the method I described in my last paragraph, which costs nothing, for awhile before investing in an audio interface etc. That gets me acquainted with recording, accomplishes what I want to some degree and might inform what sort of interface I want.