Spark on PC do i need audio interface?

  • I have my Spark connected to my pc. I would like to be able to use the headphones that are connected to the pc to listen to the spark as well without unplugging / plugging stuff in all the time. I do own a audio interface as well but i'm unsure of how to set it up. Its a Scarlett 2I2

  • @rkelman How do you have your Spark connected to your computer? If you are using the USB connection then you won't hear any of the backing tracks from the Spark40 app. If you want to hear the complete output of the Spark amp (including bluetooth playback, the backing tracks, your guitar/bass playing) you need to use a Y adapter cable that goes from the headphone output on the Spark amp into your Scarlett 2i2 audio interface and then into some audio program on your computer. Or you can plug your headphones into the Scarlett's headphone jack.