[SOLVED]Spark Amp will not play music when using iPAD

  • So, as the title says, when using an iPAD, I cannot get music to play through the Spark Amplifier. This is despite the fact that the app is connected via bluetooth. I can do deep editing, etc. with my iPAD. But when I pick a song to play or jam along with, it will not play through the Spark onboard speakers. It only plays music through the mobile device itself (iPAD, iPhone).

    I have tried updating the app. I am running latest version of iOS on the iPad. I have also tried a hard reboot of the mobile device in question...but no cigar.

    Curiously, it works with no issues whatsoever using my Moto G7 with Android OS. Search a song, make your selection, and it just works. Plays flawlessly through the Spark speaker system.

    Any help with this issue is greatly appreciated. In the meantime, I will open a support ticket.

    Thanks all.

    UPDATE!!!! This always happens. I search and search for an answer and then when I think I've exhausted my queries, I post in the forum or open a ticket, I continue my search, and then voila! I find the answer. In this case, somehow my bluetooth on my Android was connecting to the audio on Spark, even though the Spark app wasn't open and wasn't connected to the Spark amp. So the iPAD couldn't connect the audio for streaming music. Once I disabled bluetooth on my Android while looking at the bluetooth settings on my iPad, a new option appeared on my iPad UI, which was to enable Spark audio. After doing so, I was then able to stream music through the Spark amplifier.