Add "Enabled" automation

  • Currently, for automation on effects there are a parameter for each effect parameter (drive, tone, level...), and a Toggle.
    The issue with the toggle is that.. it toggles.

    When I'm writing automations in my DAW (Reaper), I don't want to program toggles, but I want to program its state (enabled/disabled) and wherever I starting the playback on the track the effect state should be the right one.

    Maybe I missed something, but I don't think this is possible with the "Toggle" parameter, or existing automation implementation.

    So please, add a "Enabled" parameter => 1 (64 -> 127) = the effect is on, 0 (0->63) = the effect is off

    Also, automation are not working properly/are not reliable on Reaper. Fixing that would be great ;) (see