BIAS FX 2 v2.2.2.5080 BETA

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    Dear BIAS FX 2 community,

    I'm excited to let you guys announce the v2.2.2 BETA for BIAS FX 2, which includes several bug fixes. Please find the link below for download.

    BIAS FX 2 - Beta

    Release Notes:

    *Scenes in factory presets restored
    *Fixed - LE license preset issue
    *Fixed - Window Size setting not working in Pro Tools
    *Fixed - UI issue in Pro Tools
    *Fixed - Scene switching bug
    *macOS 10.15 notarization
    *Other minor improvements

    Any feedback is welcomed! Cheers :)

  • @dans-huang said in BIAS FX 2 v2.2.2.5080 BETA:

    *macOS 10.15 notarization

    Hi, thanks for this! I assume that means it works in Big Sur? Also, if I install this will I be able to automatically upgrade to the full release or will I have to uninstall this and then reinstall the gold code version?

  • I hate to say it, but so far so good on Big Sur 11.0.1 😂
    Everything seems to work as expected - bluetooth MIDI shifts scenes, presets load and switch, sounds good 👌

    Additional appreciation for finally lettings us paste password into the corresponding field upon logging in to Tone Cloud - just the way it always were on iOS. Don't have to enter those really long complicated passwords manually now 😎

  • Thanks for update , has there been a fix for the very slow GUI on amp/fx2 ? Sadly the plug ins/stand alone are almost unusable for some of us , even with hi spec machines.

  • Thanks fort the updated beta, it fixed the Big Sur startup issue on my mac and seems to be working perfectly.

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    @adampkantor The notarization was built for Catalina mainly but it does look like it's also working on Big Sur so far. I'll still have to check with our R&D to see if there's no further concern. And no, you do not need to uninstall to upgrade to the official release. Simply installing the new version would be fine.

    @alexanderre @tdanthony Thanks for letting us know!

    @Spon Sorry for the trouble. Did you already have a ticket submitted to our support team? I do have a similar case in hand which I've been working with our R&D team to further investigate. If not, please feel free to send us a ticket here:

  • Installed on my Mac this morning, it seems to work on OSX 11 Big Sur.
    Ok, more than to wait for a final version.

  • @dans-huang Thanks for reply.I did submit a ticket May but it was unresolved.I will try again.The problem isn't limited to platform either.Seems related to monitor profiles/retina displays(& possibly preset management).I am not using a lap top /retina monitor but was able to temporarily fix this by selecting a different display profile .Downside is everything else on my computer looks wrong.Also the fact windows users are experiencing similar problems suggest its a deeper issue.

  • Dans,

    After installing the beta, Bias FX 2 Pro now requires an internet connection to work. Login resets to the registered version, but as soon as I log out of Tonecloud, the license is rejected with the screen comes up to login to activate trial. I rolled back to the latest 5050 non beta but the artifact is still there. Any help and guidance is appreciated.

  • Update on license behavior. Changed one problem for another. I can maintain the license by shutting off the internet connection and not logging out of Tonecloud from within the app. Downside is that imports from Bias Amp 2 are all blocked. Advice appreciated.

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    This post is deleted!

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    @brahma I found your ticket. Please check for reply. Thank you.

  • Thank you Dans for your quick reply. Will go through the process and report back.
    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all

  • 1st - Thank you for BETA version - I was really excited to D/L it this morning - It installed on Big Sur - no issues, and when I opened it up - no error's and it looked GREAT!!

    Now for the not so good news - I have a MacBook Pro - Intel, 64 Gig of Ram 1 TB SSD - it also has the Vega 20 GPU that I had included for Video Editing - my MacBook is superfast

    1st Issue: No input coming from the guitar - I have a Focusrite Scarlet 212 Gen 3 - USB-C connection - no matter how I set the config up in FX 2 - no input from the guitar - zip

    I closed FX2 Beta and opened up Bias Amp 2 - Works PERFECTLY - snappy response, signal path is great - no issues - just like always - left AMP 2 open and opened up FX 2 BETA - still no signal going through FX 2 BETA

    Opened up Logic - same issue - AMP 2 works fine - no signal through FX 2 BETA

    2nd: As I was trying different settings in FX2 Beta - it is SUPER SLUGGISH - at times taking 4 - 7 seconds for the click on a setting to actually make the switch or setting go off / on or to change. I tried it in Responsive and Normal size window - same issue - super slow to respond

    I rebooted my Mac, just to be sure and ran through the above a second time - no change after the reboot

    Can I gather any log files, screen shots or settings for you to assist with this issue?

    Again - thank you for the BETA - I know it's a process - I love my BIAS tools - however I can help to get them back working fully again, please let me know

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    @van-flowers Thanks for the feedback.

    For the input issue on Standalone, you might want to check Security & Privacy setting on your Mac and make sure BIAS FX 2 as access to the microphone.

    For the UI issue, please submit a ticket with video attached via Wetransfer (there upload limit to the system) if you haven't already. Thanks!

  • @dans-huang Thank you sir - I'll make that happen today with the U/P and give the other a try for the MIc - never crossed my mind about the Mac not allowing access - the new permissions as a bit different - I'll let you know what happens

  • Hi - I went into the Preferences to select the MIC thinking that was an easy fix for this - BIAS FX (this all refers to the BETA Version of BIAS FX 2) does not show up there - but BIAS AMP (this all refers to the BIAS AMP 2 version) does - I though - ok - I'll reinstall the APP - it asked for permission for the FOLDERS when I re-installed, but nothing else. I uninstalled BOTH Bias FX and BIAS AMP - rebooted and verified that neither one of the APPs were in preferences for the MIC - they were not.

    I reinstalled BIAS FX - it did NOT access for permission to access the microphone - this is the screen inside of the setup of the AUDIO - As you can see a TEST button appears for the Speakers - but NOT for the INPUT. I tried it on Input 1 and 2 in Mono and then bother together selecting Stereo - test button remained blank - no input from guitar at all.

    0_1606514369894_Spk Yes - Mic No.png

    I went back to check the permissions window again - no BIAS FX app

    0_1606514435381_Not Listed.png

    I reinstalled BIAS AMP - it asked for Permission to access the folder and the MIC - and you can see it in the window above.

    Although I think the MIC permissions is the fix - it's just not giving me the option to allow.


    I'll open the ticket on the sluggish respose shortly - thank you again for allowing me to share this info with you from the BETA

  • I have Bias Amp Pro 2 Professional, when I click on the in app Store button(top right hand corner) it gives me the option to upgade to Elite for £10
    This then takes me to my Positive Grid account page but then the upgrade is now £30 in the basket.
    What goes on here !! could other Amp Pro 2 users please try this.

    Thanks Brian

  • Same issue for me too - cannot get Bias FX 2 Beta to recognise signal input and not being prompted for Microphone access to be allowed. :(

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    @van-flowers @tonythompson Thanks for brining the issue to our attention. Please kindly submit a ticket for easier follow-up along with your system information: