Any workaround for unusably slow Bias FX 2 on Mac?

  • Support told me they were aware of this issue: the interface of Bias FX 2 becomes unusably slow, any attempt to click on something or move a control results in the spinning ball for up to 10 seconds, so it's impossible to actually dial a correct setting in. Support suggested renaming the Documents/BIASFX_2 folder. This forces it to build a new clean folder. Of course the drawback is you lose all your presets, and as soon as you re-save one, or download from Tonecloud, the issue returns anyway.

    I'm aware that this doesn't affect all Mac users, but although PG are aware of this issue they haven't haven't specified which Macs/OS versions it affects.

    After confirming that the only way to solve it was to constantly discard your presets and never use Tonecloud, they have closed the support ticket and are ignoring requests for help.

    Does anyone know of a workaround? Failing that does anyone know where the Guitar Match data is stored?
    It's somewhere in the BIASFX_2 folder as it's lost with everything else using PGs solution. Matching even 1 guitar is quite a time-consuming process, and doing this every day is not half the fun it sounds.

    Thanks fot any suggestions.

  • Hi Steve.

    Got some questions for you so:

    Could you please mention which macOS you are running?

    How is the CPU/RAM/HD usage shown in the activity monitor when the issue occurs and how when it does not?

    Does it only occur when you used the Guitar Matching feature?

  • @cs Hi, yes I'm on Mojave 10.14.6. - new clean OS install. Happens in 10.13.6 too. Running off fast SSD. 64Gb Ram.

    CPU averages around 15-30% of 1 core (on a 12-core Mac Pro) depending on patch complexity, in normal use, but then spikes to around 70% with any UI interaction, such as clicking on a unit in the chain. No issues with performance as far as signal processing goes, even with massive dual chains. Purely a UI problem.

    Disk access is minimal.
    In standalone mode it's using ~520Mb, as a plugin it adds about 400Mb to Logic.

    Does it only occur when you used the Guitar Matching feature?

    No, it happens without using Guitar Match, or having any profiles created. I only mention that as it's a particularly inconvenient consequence of rebuilding the Bias_FX2 folder (the temporary workaround suggested by support)

    I can confirm that copying any presets (even PG ones from Tonecloud) back in to the fresh Bias_FX2 folder triggers the issue again. I don't know if copying the Guitar Match data back in does, as I have no idea where it's stored. It would be great if you could locate this, as I could at least reinstate it each time.

  • Hi Steve ,
    Experiencing similar issues with Bias Amp running Mojave. FX is worse.App is very slow, moving tone knobs etc.. specs in signature.I want to buy these products but the interface performance is prohibitive as it stands.Perhaps the issue relates to tone cloud connection?( Though I have fast connection via ethernet)

  • Hey,

    I’m running a 2017 MacBook Pro with Mojave and Bias FX 2 is running unusably slow as well. Please let us know if there’s a fix/workaround for this. I love this product but I can’t even use it now. It’s extremely frustrating.

  • On win10 GUI is also slow, it will be great if positive grid company make possibility to run simpler GUI