Bias Amp Head as an interface?

  • So the amp head is all about being small, portable, powerful and full of features. It already connects via USB and has a bunch of I/O.

    I'd love to be able to hook it up to my laptop via USB, plug in my guitar and record tones straight into the laptop. I wouldn't mind the head just being a glorified guitar input for my laptop and just use the headphone out on the amp to listen.

    So in short, I'd like to be able to use the head as an audio interface with one input (guitar in) and one output (headphones) - or more with those line outs?

  • @ásgeir-helgi-þrastarson I asked PG for the technical possibilities on that a while ago but never got an answer. So, I wouldn't hold my breath :/

  • Damn.. it would make so much sense though

  • I wouldn't hold my breath. While I'm not intimately familiar with what kind of hardware is required to facilitate an ASIO-capable high-bitrate low-latency multi-channel bidirectional audio stream set... I do know that very little is required to facilitate a simple communications link to send preset data/configuration and status updates. If this was as much of a highly-focused purpose-built BOM-budget-friendly device as I think it is, most likely whatever hardware is there would not likely be enough to pull this off without some sacrifices, if at all.

  • That was a big collection of complex words for such a simple answer :laughing:

    If the head has all the components to make this happen, then it would be nice. Maybe if we could somehow ask them and get a clear answer if it's indeed possible or not? It's not a dealbreaker for me in any way but if they could incorporate it via firmware update then it'll only make it a more attractive product for guitarists.

    Example: I have my amp in the basement where I make guitar pedals so I use the amp to test the pedals I build. I also make videos on YouTube where I cover songs that I recreate from scratch and I use Bias software for the guitar tones.
    It would be so nice if I could just unplug the amp, bring it up to my flat, plug it to my laptop and throw in some quick guitar riffs into Logic.

    I've got a couple of audio interfaces; one big for large projects that require many mic preamps and one tiny with only two inputs which I use at my workplace so those are mostly in use for other purposes.

  • PG-Staff appreciated ;)
    @Joe-Kuo @Felix @fooly

  • Maybe not the exact same thing but similar... Would it be possible to use Bias Head to send midi signals so I could use it to control other guitar software? I would be using a sound card for the signal input and only be using Bias Heads front panel to control via midi

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    @ásgeir-helgi-þrastarson Since there's no ASIO driver in BIAS Head, you will need an external audio interface to record.

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    @matt-val Sure, the MIDI responding channels are as follows:
    MIDI Receiving Channel: CH2
    MIDI Transmitting Channel: CH1

  • @felix Thanks for that, good to know. Like I said, it's not a dealbreaker in any way for me. I was just hoping the hardware would support adding this feature later on hah!