I have BIAS FX2 Elite, many tones are muted or at low volume

  • Re: No output signal/volume

    I have a similar issue to the one in the linked thread. I haven't been using BIAS FX2 as the apartment I practice at is undergoing renovations and didn't want my guitars around. I got back to it today, and I notice that many tones are either muted or at very low volume.

    I have a Dean Guitar with active EMG pickups, and so I tried changing the battery for the pickups with a new one. The battery is not it. Unfortunately I only have one cable currently available, as all my other cables are at another residence (as are all my amps). I will try different cables when I have them but given my internet searches, I believe it is an issue with BIAS FX2. I also used it in Reaper, but whether I use it in Reaper or as a standalone, it makes no difference. I run it on a desktop running Windows 10. It is to be noted, my setup worked fine in the past, all I know that has changed is BIAS FX2 (updated versions) and possibly Reaper. Besides that, not sure whether a Windows update could affect it, and I can think of trying different cables as I had issues in the past. Although to be certain, not all tones seem muted or low volume, even though I am quite unsure whether those that are not sound right or not (it has been a few months since I last played).

    If anyone can lend some assistance or tips to try, much appreciated.