No output signal/volume

  • Hi everyone,
    I have a big recurring problem on the output volume, the first time I launch the bias no problem, I launch again, it is good but after one or two launch later, the output volume does not work... I tried to delete the setting file in appdata, launch it in standalone, same problem. So I uninstall bias and reinstall, it did not work, then I uninstall again by deleting all the remaining files and reinstalling it, it worked but it remakes the same thing after. I'm on windows, I use bias fx 2 standard, ![alt text](image url)ableton live lite and a focusrite scarlett solo gen 3.

  • A2

    So its not working in standalone or its not working as a plugin in Ableton?

  • @pipelineaudio both don't work

  • @emilberlemont Even when you change patches? Something in the signal chain muting the signal? Changing from dual to single amp?

  • @myxolydian even with a clear set i have no sound, double or single amp changes nothing but if i deactivate bias fx on ableton i have sound from my focusrite, i think bias muting sound.

  • I am having a similar problem I'm using Reaper 6.0 Focusrite 2I2 Gen. 3 Windows 10 & Bias FX 2 Elite. Mine worked fine for quite a few sessions & then out of nowhere, no output or volume almost like bias is muting something in Reaper when I load it in. (I am aware of the Mute button). My Standalone version works fine. If I open a reaper session that used to work I can arm it and I get sound BUT, as soon I go into FX & it opens bias it completely mutes it and the sound never comes back. I've done the same by uninstalling/reinstalling and still nothing. I spoke with a Reaper expert and they said to contact Positive Grid. Also let it be known that I can still load Bias 1 or any other plugin and they work as normal. I'm a YouTube Creator and this issue is disrupting my workflow. PLEASE HELP!