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  • Re: Spark Carrying Strap Replacement?

    After looking around the house, I found a really good solution for a replacing the (doomed to fail) carrying strap for the Spark Amp, and it only took a couple minutes to install and was free. I did try a guitar strap, at the shortest length, but it felt too long & unstable moving the amp around the house.

    My camera cases, binocular case, pedal board case, and most luggage comes equipped with a padded shoulder strap, with metal buckles, and all of those straps were sitting unused in a junk drawer. Also, I was eyeing that nice shoulder strap on my wife's old purse, that also has metal hardware and is adjustable.

    I ultimately replaced my Spark carrying strap with an adjustable & padded shoulder strap, with a small washer, on either side of the metal buckles, so they swivel easily. Very sturdy, has a padded handle, is the same 24" length, as the original strap, looks great, and will probably never wear out. Although, I still got about 8 more of those shoulder straps in the junk drawer, just in case.0_1598802502265_Spark Amp.JPG

  • @mattdevol Very clever solution! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • I bought a ukulele strap off Ebay, I think is gonna be a very good solution going forward. 0_1598643766645_SparkAmp.jpg

  • @lblawson1972

    Invention, Necessity, Mother, ...words that somehow when slung together in the proper order applies to this...good job!