Spark Carrying Strap Replacement?

  • My Spark Amp is only a few weeks old, but the faux leather carrying strap is already splitting.

    Has anyone found a better 24" carrying strap to use, instead of the supplied PG strap?
    I was thinking of taking a 2" wide nylon strap and installing grommets on both ends.

  • @mattdevol

    How about a spare guitar strap and strap-locks?

  • @mattdevol A few weeks and the strap is failing. Really ? Damn. I'm still dealing with excessive noise and poor sustain in many settings. Are we asking too much of a cheap product made in China ? You can't fix a strap with firmware. The amp has promise but it sure would be great if it was in good working order out of the box.
    I won't mention the six month wait. PG told me if I send them a video they'll consider correcting the problems. They could be my fault or my home has faulty wiring. All my other amps work fine and I haven't needed to send videos to Fender.

  • I just installed a ukulele strap I purchased on Ebay for $6.88. It seems like a very nice solution to the breaking strap that came with the Spark. Just be sure that the strap you buy doesn't have a plastic hook on one end as some do. 0_1598643567126_SparkAmp.jpg