Where exactly are the Positive Grid Spark amps being shipped from?

  • Hello,

    So as of July 1, 2020, my amp is listed as "In Transit", the next hop looks like it will be "Local Distribution", then "Shipped", the "Completed".

    I am in the DC area, so I was just wondering where these locations are? I did not get a tracking number, so I would assume they were shipped GROUND service, so I wanted to get a guess of when it might arrive? I understand there could be multiple warehouses, so if anyone has any idea where these places are, that would be greatly appreciated?



  • Can only speak for where I have seen mine go thus far (I am in NY)..
    "in Transit" on a boat headed to the US from China. Shipped by Global Courier Express
    "Local Distribution" Its in the states, waiting to get through customs. Mine waited in City of Industry, CA. Transfers to Fedex from here. Label created.
    "Shipped" You made it through customs. Fedex has your amp and its moving.
    "Completed" Your amp was delivered

  • @howarddavidp Going into "In Transit" means absolutely nothing. They use this as a tool to keep people off their back. Positive Greed is the only company on the planet that cannot provide any clarity to anything. Please read back through the posts going back a couple of months and see what you are in for. You are probably looking at Oct or Nov delivery to your door if you are lucky. Oh, and each time you complain and threaten to get a refund, expect your "tracking" to move to the next phase. LOL