Spark Amp Delivery

  • Hi,
    Could anybody advise me on the delivery time on my order for the Spark amp. I ordered mine on the 23rd of November last year, with delivery given as end of January but this has been extended a couple of times. The last update was on the 26th of March and when I try and track my order, find it at the first stage after order as “being prepared”
    I know they have had issues with parts, but would like to know if this 5 month (so far)lead time, is the norm, and could we get an update soon?

  • @joepedder22 I have been tracking and reporting their total sales for some time. Tonight they passed the 50,000 mark and are approaching $12,000,000 in gross sales revenue received. I have been urging them to issue a better update than the last, which said they are manufacturing 1,000 units a day. Obviously they are not shipping 1,000 units a day. But sit tight, there are reports in other threads of units ordered in November being received.

  • @joepedder22
    Thanks for this

  • @joepedder22 My Spark Amp status has changed to “shipped”, the tracking says that it’s Currently in Germany but has not been logged onto the couriers System yet 👍

  • @joepedder22 Mine took a week to go from “a shipping label has been created” to actually being received by the shipping carrier.