Multiple CC# changes within one preset.

  • I have been using a Boss ES-5 switcher to change presets via Midi on my Bias Head. The ES-5 also has the ability to assign multiple CC# messages via the CURNUM function within any preset, but it appears that my Bias Head will only receive one CC# message and not multiple CC# at the same time. Is this a limitation of the Bias Head that it can only process one CC# at a time? The set up is as follows:
    Midi Ch 1- Prog Ch 1
    Assign 1 - CURNUM - CC# 2 (tube stage) Target Min 40 - Target Max 70 (this works perfectly)
    Assign 2 - CURNUM - CC# 5 (master vol) Target Min 70 - Target Max 95 (this only works if I turn of Assign 1)
    Basically what I want is when I step on preset one footswitch it goes to my clean channel and when I step on the same footswitch again the tube stage changes from 2 to 3 tubes and the presets master volume increases slightly. This is for solos.
    The Boss ES-5 and ES-8 are incredibly powerful units and this would be awesome if there was a way to get this to work. I have exhausted my options trying to figure this out.

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    @mxrider319 Thanks for the feedback! I've shard your inputs to the team and we will conduct a review to see if we can enhance the feature( multiple CC#) to BIAS Head in the future.

  • Thank you, I appreciate the response.