Desktop screen size...

  • I'm new to PG and Bias FX, but I was disappointed that the display screen isn't fully responsive. Standard is tiny and Responsive is not-as-tiny.

    I have a retina display with high resolution and the working window in FX2 and Amp2 are about the size of a splash screen on my display. If I dramatically lower the resolution, the display grows to be about the same size as my iPad Mini.

    I can't say that I've seen a fixed-sized window on a Mac in maybe 25 years. C'mon PG, let's make the window adjustable and FULLY responsive. Thanks!

  • You're wasting your time asking for obvious things like this. I made several attempts to ask them for this for a while, having also discovered that this has been something that a lot of people have been requesting, but to no avail.

    I opened a thread about this a year ago ( and I didn't get a single answer from Positive Grid to this day.