Bias FX Full Screen

  • Hi there,

    This is a quick feature request.

    I've been using Bias FX on a Desktop and a Laptop and one of the things that annoys me after a while is the windows size constraints, preventing me from making the app occupy my whole screen.

    Having such a small app window makes the app controls a lot harder to read and change, making the whole process extremely tedious.

    So, I would love to recommend Positive Grid to allow Bias FX to be resized, so that the size of the controls adapt to the size of my screen.

    Thank you in advance

  • Absolutely second this feature request, this should be a top priority. My goodness this is 2018, we all have large widescreen monitors today, why is this app not able to go full screen and also be scalable in windows mode. Why are we limited to a little square and forced to use scrolling when if the app went full screen you wouldn't even have to scroll.

  • What other vsts go full screen? Ain't none I seen. Maybe you mean stand-alone, of which I have not used any besides PG occasionally for comparison.

  • Torpedo Wall of Sound VST has three sizes. That might be easier to implement than normal scaling.

  • I'll support this as well. My DAW setup gives me a full display to spare for VST windows, so it'd be great to be able to blow that up to 1920x1200 or so to fill that display. When I'm just jamming with the standalone app I could use 3840x2160 to fill the full primary display.

  • @tannhauser said in Bias FX Full Screen:

    What other vsts go full screen? Ain't none I seen. Maybe you mean stand-alone, of which I have not used any besides PG occasionally for comparison.

    Just off the top of my head, OVERLOUD's TH3, Superior Drummer 3, you can stretch these out a big as you want, Medla Production, Fabfilter, the newer Toneboosters stuff and on and on you could go.

    I don't think anyone should get their hopes up, I very much doubt anything will change. Just look at the many other things which are standard equipment in other Amp Sims which are noticeable absent in PG products, things that should be no brainer inclusions, stuff that make using a product far more enjoyable, far easier, value readouts, being able to see at a glance what value various nobs are set at, preset management (it's a joke in PG products), having an auto off on the wah, general speed of the UI and amp, fx, preset selection, loading speed and on and on it goes, I've forgoten more 'issues' than I can remember, because this stuff has been around from the beginning and often complained about all over the place, yet nothing changes, I have basically all but given up, I prefer to use other products most of the time now, it's a far more enjoyable experience.

    I own BIAS Amp Pro (1), BIAS FX Pro, BIAS Amp 2 Elite, BIAS Pedal Pro (Dist, Mod, Delay) all the expansions, Metal, Bass, Acoustic, Celestion, the Pro series EQ and Comps, and to be honest if PG allowed license transfers I would just sell the lot, coming close to just changing my Email address associated with PG and selling the whole account on KVR or somewhere regardless, but then you run into the issue that most people have a great dislike for PG and their products, perhaps making a sale not that easy.

    I'd never be updating anything again unless they remove that BS Public Announcement crap, soon as I seen that was in I didn't bother updating to the latest releases, absolute BS, considering all the other issues and omissions in the products that would actually be useful if they fixed/added them.

  • I'm sure this is on their radar, we have asked for it more than once. The nice bitmaps and the compatibility with the mobile apps might make it a little bit more problematic for PG's stuff. Personally I would be fine if they just scaled the bitmaps based on some user set zoom for an initial roll out.

    As noted, a lot of VSTs do have similar limits, although not all, like TH3 (which has a truly terrible UI, IMHO; maybe the worst of any plugin I own, and I own a LOT).

  • @Elric Are you still sure this is on their radar? It's been a whole year since I first opened this thread. Several version of Bias FX later (with the release of Bias FX 2 included) and this is still not here.

    PG developers think a couple of changes here and there on their midi samples are going to change the way players enjoy using their applications, instead of focusing on real game-changers, leaving us large screen players with 90% of the screen empty to look at...

  • @gesp Dude: Bias FX 2 has the feature. So yeah, I'm pretty sure. FX 1 is no longer being developed.

  • @elric Full screen or Maximize is not a feature of FX 2. It allows you to scale the window to something like 125% and one other. But, if for example you are using it on a laptop 125% just means you can't see the whole screen and is unusable. For playing Live using a laptop you would want to use the whole screen without having to scroll

  • I gotta say, i came over fron toontracks and guitar rig 5. The only thing good about bias was the tonecloud. I found the whole thing to be buggy as hell, always crashing etc. I am not impressed and this latest snafu with the update was just icing on the cake. All those youtubers raving about it are bloody shills as far as i am concerned. I also noticed none of them have covered this whole crappy situation, so there ya go.

  • I don't care for fullscreen, but YES for resize.
    And not the scaling thing that already exist. I don't need bigger buttons, but I'd love being able to display more things (all pedals for instance, or the full list of effects) without scrolling.
    Especially when some free amp plugins are able to do that...

  • Yep, agree.... Full screen or resize the window should be on the new features list

  • I just bought FX 2 and the same came to my mind instantly. Actually I don't understand why this is not implemented. I know quite a bit about software development and this shouldn't be to much effort to implement. Using macos btw.