Guitar Mini > Boss Gt MIDI

  • Hi everyone, I’ve just received my Guitar Mini yesterday and I’m really happy with the sounds! I’ve been a Marshall user since the late 70s and bought the Mini as soon as I played the “Plexi 50 watt V2”
    I’d like to use my Boss GT-1000 with it for gigs but can’t seem to get the MIDI to communicate as I’d like. Are there any MIDI gurus on the forum that can help me out please?
    Initially, I’d just like to press pedal 1-1 on the GT to select preset 1 on the Mini, 1-2 for preset 2, etc.

  • Are the two devices communicating on the same MIDI channel?

  • @lukedoyle Yes, same channel, 1.
    I’ve just done a factory reset on both units and they seem to be communicating as desired now.
    Thanks for your response! 👍🏻
    I’m really looking forward to gigging this!