Bias Amp (600W Silver) low headphone volume.

  • Hi everyone - trying to get a feel on this, talked to some people on Facebook forum who mentioned it might be the case.

    Is the headphone volume on the Head significantly lower than one would "expect". At maximum output it's pretty low... while I can't quantify the volume level, if I had to compare it to let's say having headphones plugged into a laptop or cellular device, the max volume on the Head is comparable to having it at 30-40% on an alternate device.

    While I will be using the rig live (line out) I was hopping to maximum the head at home via headphones for rehearsal and want to get a true feel for how it will sound running direct.

    If this is "normal" would it be recommended to run line out to a headphone amp to get more gain on the back end?

    Thanks in advance!


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    @davidbersch Can you let us know the mode name of your headphone?
    Feel free to write to us at we will follow this up.

  • @Felix hi Felix! Using the ole faithful Sony MDR7506!

    Will follow up via the link later when @ home to retrieve which firmwares, etc.

  • @felix HI I also notice the same problem,
    line out and headphone output have very low volume
    and I am forced to keep it to the maximum