fx/mini live help

  • Live set up help
    I am new to the digital and midi world. I want to use my bias mini guitar amp with bias effects and set up with pedal board with 5 presets.

    I have bias min Guitar amp
    I pad air
    4x12 cab

    i am thinking about the focusrite irack and the behringer 1010 midi pedal board

    would I be connecting the irack usb with the mini guitar amp's usb ?
    if not what is the correct hook up to use fx live
    thanks john

  • A2

    I think you would be using the itrack usb into the ipad, and the itrack analog to the Mini

  • so s far as what i want to accomplish is the irack and the behringer a good choice. and will it do the presets live
    thanks john

  • A2

    Im not positive on the itrack/air combo, but if they are compatible, then it should be. The FCB 1010 is definitely a good choice! I have piles of videos on it on my website and youtube. Mine was converted to wireless and battery powered

  • @pipelineaudio

    hey sorry to be a pain!! have not chosen a interface yet. lot of choices not sure where to go!
    ipad air, positive grid guitar mini, positive grid fx2 and 4x12 cab (live use)
    want to change patches midi with fc1010
    could you give me a few choices of interfaces and will the sonoma guitar mini work in this application

    thanks again