BIAS FX 2 MIDI control

  • Hi guys, do you know why the MIDI control feature is disabled in the early-access to BIAS FX 2 Professional?

  • Me too! I've used Bias FX in my live rig before, but was disappointed by its limited midi capabilities. I moved to AmpliTube 4 mostly because it was easier to control on stage with my footpedals.

    So I was excited when Bias FX 2 was introduced touting "Greatly Expanded Midi Capability"... I went and purchased the "Elite" version. However, upon getting into it, I see the message: "Midi Function is locked on this current version. WTF!?!? It's the ONE THING you NEED to make it FUNCTIONAL in live settings!!!!

    Its like purchasing a new car that advertises "Improved acceleration"... But when you get the car, there's no GAS PEDAL!!! You do however, get sign that says "THANK YOU FOR YOUR PURCHASE. GAS PEDALS WILL BE RELEASED ON LATER MODELS."

    Can we get this fixed NOW???

  • Yeah, I think it's pretty schemey to not include a HUGE feature, especially when Im paying a stupid amount of money for software. Looper is completely useless without it. Cant use my pedalboard at all. Cant use wah or whammy. Why even release the software if its not complete? And they refuse to answer questions about it, like when itll be available. I emailed them about it and they completely dodged the question. Great tones, horrible company.

  • Are they limiting the demo/early version to the FX2 standard ? If so, it has no auto-midi function...

    Are you guys seeing this in the Paid Pro or Elite version ?

  • Mine is showing up as the Professional version.

    Rember guys, this is basically like a Pre-Production version. I'm sure we will have full MIDI control once the official release date is upon us. Let's try to stay "Positive". No pun intended.

    BTW when is the "Official" release date?

  • @zeroempire 2 days ago.

  • 2 Days ago? Ok then,

    I stand corrected. I guess this isn't like a "Pre - Production" piece.

    I did the pre-release order and was under the impression I would get a version of the software before the "actual" release. My bad.

    I don't keep up with some of this stuff as well as I should, huh?

    That being the case, it is kind of a bummer that MIDI isn't fully implemented into the software yet. I will try to remain "Positive" though.

    Is there a "feature request" thread somewhere? I was really hoping the "Mixer" section for the cabinet mic's would be updated and easier to use in the new version. The sliders still kind of jump around when you click on them, they don't move in a gradual manner and there isn't a numerical readout. Makes it a little difficult to fine tune the levels. Would be great if you could adjust them with the mouse wheel and double clicking put the slider back to "0" as well.

  • A2

    Since the Bias FX fairy has delivered on almost all the major points that we had hoped for o nthe parts they built so far, I'm betting MIDI is going to be so awesome we will freak out....Already the scenes are hinting to it! And please, auto engage!

  • @pipelineaudio While I am confident that PG will eventually deliver on its MIDI promises... It does seem rather disingenuous to sell a product with such a glaring deficit. I mean I would've been okay if they just had the old MIDI system from BFX1 in it, along with a promise (and a date) to update... But to put zero MIDI capabilities, and no timeline...

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  • @mike Thank you for the info, Mike!

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    @bias Hi guys sorry, the date is changed to 4/9..really sorry for the confusion and the inconvenience

  • @mike Thanks for the update. I can live with a 2 plus week wait. Actually, I think it says a lot when a company answers questions/complaints in a timely manner. Looking forward to diving into the new functionality... Hope it lives up to our collective imagination. :)

  • Thanks Mike!

  • @mike Where is the update?

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    @siberino I'm sorry to tell you that it's postponed to mid-April... our QA team is working on it to make sure everything is working correctly now, sorry for the inconvenience

  • @mike As you can tell lots of folks are excited for this; so thanks for the updates. Even if it is bad news it is appreciated to be kept in the know.

    I know some folks are itching to use this, but I have to admit, I am kind of glad seeing them focus on getting it right. That is probably better than something that is not going to work well and sucks down a bunch of developer time with fixes and support.

  • @elric While a finished product of the the gate would be awesome, I appreciate PG's focus on getting it good enough to get in the end user's hands.. then solicit and act on user feedback. This engagement leads to a better product, ultimately.

  • @mike Mid-April... >:(

  • uuuummmm isn't it Mid april