Edit amps in Amp 2 as Im playing thru the Bias Head?

  • Just got a Bias Head and and I simply want to edit the amps that I wanna store in the amp. But when i Connect to the Head with Bias amp 2 theres no sound when I connect the Head in the software?

    Am I missing something here? I thought that I could edit the amps at the same time as Im conected to the Head and hear as Im playing? Or do I have to do this only with the software and no amp connected and then save it to the amp?

    Im using PC and my Interface is the id14 by Audient.

    I can do this with the headphones connected to the Bias head but the headphone jack sound is awful, thin and very brittle. So if im going to do it this way it doesnt help as the sound is not in the same ballpark as the regular output.

    I will be able to tweak and listening as I play, trough my regular listening and interface. Is it possible?

    EDIT' I solved it myself. I forgot about direct monitoring settings at the interface. Now it is working fantastic!

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    @ture-pboda Noted! Thanks for the update!