Changing fx

  • Hi giuys,
    Is it possible or how do you switch your fx during guitar playing without clicking anything in the pc platform or application? Let say the fx is in a clean tone in the start and after a moment during playing i want to switch to a distortion mode. Can you program the app to do this or nothing but instead do it manually?

    Thanks in advance and much appreciated.

  • Hello:
    So something like programming the patch change I don’t know and I think it’s not possible. The way without touching PC or app could be a midi control pedal. That is of course manually too, or better said, “footly”, but maybe it is that what you need.

    You can read this thread about this theme, where some alternatives and some limitations of some of them are mentioned:

  • A2

    In REAPER you can use LBX Stripper or SWS Live with Mschnell's autoxfade scripts and JSFX. Several people got togwether to create some gapless, instant, glitch free switching for Bias FX. I started probably WAY too many threads here o nthis forum about it, my website has a lot and there are a few Youtube videos on it

  • Well, I didn’t know that. Simply because I had not needed it. But it is interesting to know.