Changing patches AND pedals with BT4 or similar

  • Hello:

    I don’t own a BT4 or Blueboard or similar, but I wonder if these can be used the following way. I have searched in different places, watched tutorials and demos in YouTube, but I can’t find a clear answer: what I want is, while I play an individual song, for example, to change patches and then, within the patch, to turn off or on some pedals. In a couple of tutorials I have seen that one can set up the BT4 so that one can change patches OR pedals, but not both with the same configuration.

    To make this clear: for example, in a song I use patch 1 and patch 2. Patch 2 is for the solo. When I play the solo I want to be able to turn on and off an overdrive sometimes. Can I do that? That is of course without re setting up while I am playing.

    If not, the solution could be to have patch 2 with overdrive and an additional patch 3 without overdrive, but this way I will have this “bump” and short delay of changing patches. Also, if I want to turn on or off more pedals it could be impracticable.

    Thank you.

  • Hello: anyone has an idea about this?

    I believe I could set the BT4 to jump between patches and then set it again to be able to turn on and off pedals within a patch. But what I need is to be able to do both things without seting the BT4 again. I can't try that, because I don't own a BT4 or a similar device.


  • @korkenknopfus said in Changing patches AND pedals with BT4 or similar:

    Hello: anyone has an idea about this?

    Sure - get a Midi Control pedal that allows exactly what you want without using any extra configuration software. The Mastermind LT works flawlessly and does exactly what you want, like:

    I step on button #2 to select the patch I have assigned to it - then if I want to toggle effects on/off I step on the "Instant access button" in the upper left corner of controller and enter "instant access" mode and can have the other 6 buttons toggle up to six different FX on/off - can also add two more buttons for control of up to 8 FX on/off - I choose which FX are controlled by which button and BiasFX saves that info. Takes a little setup to learn the LT or any pedal but not too hard.

    Plenty of midi controllers out there with this ability and a lot of them documented here in other posts if you have look around - cheers

  • @tafkad Thank you for your answer. That what you say is what I need. I will look between these options. BT4 and similar would be attractive due to the bluetooth option, but if they don't allow to change patches and pedals within patches at the same time, something is missing.

  • @korkenknopfus hey glad that helps - by the way I made my setup Bluetooth with the Quicco Sound mi.1 Bluetooth dongle (and battery powered!):

    0_1541803904740_Bluetooth and Battery yes.JPG

    cheers ~

  • @tafkad I understand. The Quicco are these little adapters to the left into the MIDI in and out. I have seen someone using it for a keyboard. Is the big box the battery for feeding the Mastermind? Has the Mastermind space for batteries inside too or has only DC jack and USB?

  • @korkenknopfus I haven't opened it up yet to look but there may be room. I'm sure a battery could be tucked underneath the unit with some sort of board/box to hold the unit plus hold an expression pedal and another 2 Button switch. I'm using a Dunlop Mini Expression with it and it makes a nice compact very capable setup.

  • @tafkad Thank you. I meant if the unit allows for feeding with for example AA batteries. But I have looked at the specifications in the web site and it seems it hasn’t. Not so important. Thank you again, all this gives me a good idea what and where to look.

  • @tafkad Hello again, tafkad. I have found another controller, too, the Melo Audio MIDI Commander. Very nice unit!

    I add it to this thread in case some user has the same questions.

  • @korkenknopfus That is a good one. It is probably also worth mentioning for folks running iOS Bias FX and looking for a contrller and audio interface that they also make the MeloAudio Toneshifter Mega.

    It is really sweet, if you need a MIDI interface and audio interface. it is both; but costs more than the MIDI Commander, of course.

    It has a Bias FX built-in config that works nicely. It has eight programmable footswitches, and two EXP pedal inputs as well as MIDI over USB and 5 pin MIDI along with a 96KHz/24bit capable 2in 2 out with an XLR out audio interface. It is really cool with Mainstage on a Mac, too.

    Form factor is phenomenal and it has an iPad holder built-in, build quality is very solid. :-)

  • @elric Hello Elric. Perfect, thank you for the hint. That unit seems to be powerful. I have already an interface for the iPad, actually the iRig Pro Duo. It works very well. To avoid the use of cable I wonder if the Midi Commander allows the Quicco adapter for Bluetooth, because it has only midi out but no in, but I have searched in the FAQ of Quicco, where they say that the adapter works with the midi out connector, but it doesn’t work if the unit has only midi in. I think it should work in this case.

  • @korkenknopfus said in Changing patches AND pedals with BT4 or similar:
    I have searched in the FAQ of Quicco, where they say that the adapter works with the midi out connector

    This is my understanding as well and should work fine with all units sporting only a midi out

    on another note man those new iPad pro's are going to be powerful computing units, can't wait for the used market on them maybe late next year

  • @korkenknopfus Yes, you can definitely do that in JamUp Pro. There are actually 2 ways to do it and they both start in the BT Pedal Editor app that runs the pedal in the background. You can either set the specific switch to add/remove effect pedals based on their classification such as Stomp or Modulation, or you can simply copy the preset into a new switch location and just add/remove that one pedal in the chain to make a slightly different preset. This method is extremely handy because then you can engage/disengage multiple effects at once and aren’t limited to only one effect change for each button press so pedal dancing isn’t needed.

    You can also have a specific switch use MIDI instead of Bluetooth and send a signal to a totally different app if desired. I just set mine up to where the first 2 switches change presets in JamUp while it’s running in the background and the second 2 switches scroll/page forward and backward through sheet music in ForScore, screen mirrored to my TV via Apple TV. Since ForScore has a signal learn function and listens for the signal during setup, little to no MIDI knowledge is required which is very fortunate for the likes of me. Please bring back BT-4 development and support! This pedal has taken my portable practice setup to a level I didn’t think possible!

  • @mark_harrison333 Hello Mark. Thank you very much for your complete answer. This thread is more than a year old, though. As I couldn’t know if this was possible or not with the BT4 I finally got a MIDI Commander several months ago, I think in February. I use it with Bias FX. It works well but unfortunately can’t be used with the Quicco adapter for Bluetooth.

    There is a very nice app, MidiFire from Audionic. It was found and posted by the user esofron. With it you can do a lot of operations using MIDI, for example auto engage for wah. It allows to insert scripts if you want (a little programming learning is needed here).