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Changing patches AND pedals with BT4 or similar

  • Hello:

    I don’t own a BT4 or Blueboard or similar, but I wonder if these can be used the following way. I have searched in different places, watched tutorials and demos in YouTube, but I can’t find a clear answer: what I want is, while I play an individual song, for example, to change patches and then, within the patch, to turn off or on some pedals. In a couple of tutorials I have seen that one can set up the BT4 so that one can change patches OR pedals, but not both with the same configuration.

    To make this clear: for example, in a song I use patch 1 and patch 2. Patch 2 is for the solo. When I play the solo I want to be able to turn on and off an overdrive sometimes. Can I do that? That is of course without re setting up while I am playing.

    If not, the solution could be to have patch 2 with overdrive and an additional patch 3 without overdrive, but this way I will have this “bump” and short delay of changing patches. Also, if I want to turn on or off more pedals it could be impracticable.

    Thank you.