Helix FX as footswitch?

  • Hi all,

    I'm a fairly new Bias owner (Bias Rack Processor), and I was looking for an effects & footswitch solution. I notice that the Helix Effects has MIDI, and is advertised as being able to become the command center for your entire rig (amp & pedals).

    I was just wondering if anyone here knew for sure or not if it would work with the Bias Amp hardware. I upgraded from a Line 6 POD HD Pro, so I feel as though I should be somewhat familiar with the workflow processes on the HX effects. I also think this would be an awesome solution if it'll solve both problems for me.

    My setup currently is
    Guitar > Bias Rack Processor > ISP Stealth Pro Power Amp > Stereo Connection to 2x12 cab.

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    @jacetaylor BIAS Head/Rack/MINI Amp are all compatible with both MIDI PC/CC commands, so technically it should be working without any troubles. Please don't forget to make sure the right MIDI responding channels to get it work.

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  • Hey,
    it works.
    I m using the HX with the 4CM, then direct out into an amplified monitor.
    For each Snapshot of a HX Bank I'm using I set via Command Center a PC to the Bias MINI to change the MINI channel (so I can associate a PC to each snapshot, without using a Stomp. you select the Snapshot, and HX send MIDI PC)
    It works BUT, there s a really long lag , something like 0,2/0,3 seconds when it has to change channel. Issued the problem today to the tech support, still waiting for an answer.
    I m pretty sure HX is a State of the Art device, so i'm just guessing that it's MINI taking a lil to long to change preset. Hope it's going to be solved.
    Let me know if you've the same problem!

  • I've gotten a MidiMate and it's little brother to change presets on my Mini. I did run into an issue which Joe K conformed in which i could not toggle the Reverb on and off using any CC matched set between the MidiMate and the Mini. I did get the Noise Gate to toggle. Joe K says it's a bug and a fix is under way.

    Thanks Joe, you the man!