Noisy FX loop?

  • I've just started using my effects loop the other day and noticed a fair deal of noise being added. I've tried the ground lift and there is no change.

    I have a tremolo (analogue), reverb, dd500, trio pedal and looper (all digital) going through the loop. The trio is isolated, and the dd-500 is isolated while the rest are on the same daisy chain. I figure that the reverb and looper are causing some kind of ground loop since when it's only dd-500 and tremolo in the loop the noise is fine so I'm going to try and sort this, but what I can't figure out is why when I add the trio which is isolated, it adds so much noise.

    I'm using the one spot CS7 to power them all. Anyone got any ideas, and any thoughts on whether I have got a ground loop going on with the looper and reverb?

    Edit: I've isolated the looper and reverb, trio is off for now but there is still noise, anyone know if the tremolo being in the same daisy chain with some pedals outside of the effects loop could cause the noise?

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    @liam As I know, the impedance range on FX loop is instrument level. Also, the I/O impedance on TRIO and DD500 are 1k and 2k, so that might be the cause I guess.

  • @felix thanks Felix, turned out to be the volume on the reverb pedal, noise increases significantly after 10 o'clock weirdly. Thanks for the help

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    @liam No worries!