Justifying hardware purchase.

  • I owned BIAS Amp 1 for quite sometime but never really jelled with it. I did not get the concept and spent a lot of unsuccessful time trying to tone match. I also purchased the FX as well. Anyway, the software lied dormant for quite some time. I moved onto other amp sims. On a whim I upgraded AMP 2 and reevaluated my approach with the software. I focused on just building the amps I love from mixing and matching components and using some of the "macros" on each component section to help get what I needed. In a few hours I created some wonderful amps through the spectrum of clean to heavy dirt. I am blown away by the sound and feel.

    So yes, I would like to take these sounds on the road with me. Then came the awareness of the limitation or design of their hardware products. The first one is the common one, I need effects. Like most I want to consolidate my rig and every competitor to PG has a combined hardware solution with effects and amps. For $1,100 I can get the AX8, given there is no power, but I own great powered flat monitors. $1500 for a Helix. The lack of indicators on the hardware unit is also problematic, I want to know where my knobs are before tweaking, otherwise it is just starting over again. How about an indication of what patches I am on. That is if I use a MIDI footswitch to increment patches.

    So as much as I would to have the amps I built in software live, it is really a hard position to justify. Honestly I really do not know what PG was thinking when they designed these things.

    I guess I will keep an eye on used units that would be a bit easier to justify from a cost perspective. I would like to ask others what factor came into play to make the purchase of the hardware justifiable in a competitive field.

    I am not knocking PG, I commend them for a great software product, without it I would have no desire to move it to dedicated hardware platform.



  • PG is hard at work to release an all in one unit. Maybe a floor unit, maybe rack not sure. But the FX unit is coming. So far we've gotten a "stay tuned" but thats about it so it may be 2020 before we see it

  • let's not be misleading here; "stay tuned" merely means there's nothing to announce yet, which could very well mean they're still just discussing it internally, and haven't even decided whether to do it or not.

  • Well I've decided the following. If PG releases AMP II for the Head prior to Fractal notifying me that an AXE III is available for purchase (I am on the long waiting list) then I will purchase the Bias Head. I really want to give my business to PG. I guess the whole thing comes down to timing.

  • @rick-shapiro I can't speak to using anything live. Especially incorporating BFX or BIAS Pedal via MIDI controller(s). That sounds like a spaghetti dinner, lol. I'm glad the new version has treated you a lot better, but you haven't purchased the hardware yet, right? Ok, good. You already have flat monitors (I was just talking about using a conventional 4X12 vs. a PA enclosure or something. How could a gtr. cab NOT?), so, you're on the right track, I think..
    Anyway, I saw you mention Helix. Whatever you do. Don't get it. It sucks. BA2's response is so much better + the U.I is so much more organic. $1500? No way. all opinion

  • @mark-meyers

    I would not be using Bias FX, it would be too complicated to integrate as it is only a software version. I would use the BIAS Head with my existing pedal board or purchase the new Line 6 Helix Effect pedal board. The PG folks are really missing out on the market because of the lack of a hardware FX solution. At this point the only thing holding me back from purchasing the head is the availability of Amp II for it. It is a timing thing, if I get notified by Fractal that an AXE3 is available, before PG gets their software working on their head, I will just purchase the Fractal product. I have a Rocktron Midi controller I am hoping to utilize for either solution.