Why not an hardware Bias with effects and no poweramp?

  • I'm a Kemper user at the moment, playing live I have all effects I could possibly need in it. We also have incorporated a automatic midi patch changing system (using a Cymatic Live Player LP16).

    However, I more often use BIAS for album recordings than I use Kemper to be honest.
    Sometimes with tonematch and sometimes just tweaked stock amp models.

    But what keeps me from being the least bit interested in Bias amp is:

    1. NO EFFECTS! <---- total dealbreaker
    2. "Unnecessary poweramp" which could be skipped and lower the costs

    The lack of builtin effects is what really makes this behind Kempers/Helix/Ax8 etc etc.

    Guitarists nowadays wants convinience and small rigs to bring on the road.

    I hope someday a smaller Bias hardware amp with effects built in would be available. Then I'm probably buying one!

  • @cederick-forsberg just to note, there exists hardware versions of the BIAS Head/Rack both with and without the poweramp. The version without the poweramp is indeed cheaper. I use the powered Head with a passive FRFR cab.

  • @ash-wolford Ok, thanks for letting me know.

    Because these units do not have effects I haven't digged down in the features.

    A nonpowered is nice. But they NEED EFFECTS. I dont get why Positive Grid skips out on it!

  • I am quite happy that there are no effects in this product. This way I don't feel obligated to get rid of the ones I do have, which i truly enjoy, nor do I feel obligated to use ones that come with head.

  • Run your iPad into power amp running Bias FX. That’s what I do sometimes.