Gain control breaking up

  • I have had the Spark now for about a week now and from day one it seems as when I set the gain control knob when using it in with or without Bluetooth the gain drops the volume and the overall volume is almost to were it cannot be heard even when the knob is set half way on the dial. Also when turning the know it sounds as the pot is breaking up or cracking as if it was dirty or has a bad connection. To reset it back to a good sounding gain sound and volume, I need to move the amp type control knob to any other setting (Bass, Hi-Gain so on) and then back to were the original setting was on the amp control knob to regain the best sound.
    This my be a defective gain control but just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this or any problems with the gain control settings.


  • This sounds like a bad pot, or connection to. Open a ticket with PG support

  • Just getting ready to do that. Thanks