The Studio one download was false advertisement!

  • First off, you send a redeem code that's in QR form with no way for my Mac to read it, second, the Persons download is free to every one! This is a cheap way for the company to get a sale with out being out any money! having said that, I love my amp! its got better tones then any other amp molder out there and the interface runs seamlessly.

    I would like to know if you would be willing to substitute the presonus down load for something else?

  • I heard they will trade it in for a free version of Chrome. (But yeah, some marketing slight of hand going on there.)

  • What's the difference if it's free to everyone or not? Have you actually used the software? I doubt that PG's going to substitute something better just because you disagree with their sales and marketing ideas.

    Unless you've got something better it wouldn't hurt to try it out.

  • The QR code didn't work for me either but rather than throw a hissy fit I simply created an account on the PreSonus web site and downloaded/ran the installation file no problem. App works great. Ain't no false advertisement involved except maybe the QR thing is glitchy. And like bluesman55 said, why do you care who else gets it free?

    If you ever actually try StudioOne maybe your next tantrum can be preempted with this info ...