License issue (All Access Bundle) + transferring presets from Bias FX iPad to Bias FX 2 Mac

  • Hey BIAS fans,

    I've just bought Bias FX All Access Bundle, so the Bias FX 2 for Mac and Bias FX for iPad. On my Mac everything's fine but I cannot access all of the effects and others on my iPad + I see in the options that I've got the Essential license. I've already deleted and re-downloaded the app and logged out/in. How to validate my purchase on the iPad?

    I already owned the Bias FX Essential on iPad before and I've got a couple of user presets there. I want to transfer those presets to my Mac from my iPad.

    What I tried so far:

    1. Dropbox sync and copy the presets - I don't know where to copy the user bank on the Mac. Cannot find the preset folder in the positive grid folder.
    2. /a Uploaded to Tonecloud on my iPad but I cannot see my uploaded presets where I can download presets from the cloud (from others) on my Mac
    3. /b I cannot find the presets on my Mac when I choose my profile and look for uploaded presets

    Can someone advice me how to solve this?


  • If you haven’t tried it already, there should be a retort purchases button at the bottom of the App Store menu (or at least somewhere in the app, I can’t really remember the exact placement in this app). That should get them back.