SPARK App on Chromebook?

  • While I wait for a Windows app, and struggle to get an Android emulator to run properly on my laptop to use with SPARK,

    Will it run properly on a Chromebook?
    They are often available as cheap as a tablet and have a keyboard and various ports.

  • @lisarct No, the Spark app will only work on iOS or Android. Not chromebooks, not windows computers, not mac computers, unless an Android or iOS emulator can be found. Rather than buy a chromebook, buy a cheap android tablet and be up an running in no time. An $80 10th-gen Amazon Fire tablet can easily and at no expense after the purchase be made to run apps from the Google Play store so once you follow the steps easily found online to install a couple of important utilities you can download the Spark app and be up and running and enjoying the amp.

  • As long as you have a Chromebook that supports Android apps, the Spark Amp works just fine. I use it on my Samsung Chromebook Pro.