BIAS AMP 2 & FX 2 keep asking for email and password

  • I use BIAS AMP 2 and BIAS FX 2 on both my Windows 10 PC and iPad. The problem is that every few days I'm prompted by these apps to re-enter my email and password. This is an annoyance, especially with iPad because entering text into an iPad is cumbersome and time consuming; sometimes it's inconvenient enough for me to switch to a different product. If these apps are going to insist that I keep logging in, is there a way to have them remember my login info so I don't have to keep re-entering it?


  • I don't know where the problem came in, but make sure NOT to log out of Tonecloud from within the app. This will require a new login to reactivate. You can do a login online and disconnect from the internet from Windows and the authorization should remain, whether online or offline. If you logout from Tonecloud from within the app, even if you are offline, authorization will be thrown out requiring a new online activation.