Bias fx 2 won't connect my laptop

  • Hello I'm having trouble connecting my guitar to my bias fx through my spark amp, I'm using a irig 2 (not HD). I've done everything I can find on the internet and can't figure it out some help would be great. I can give more information on the things I've already tried.

  • Goto the Spark40 support page and download the Spark40 USB drivers. They have the ASIO included. I found this the same way you did, looking for answers. They should make those drivers and put them in an email because people are going to be looking for them. Once they are installed, windows see's the Spark40 no problems.

    Second off Spark doesnt work with BIAS software yet. Check out why they are developing a mobile version. Yes you can use it as an audio interface but they plug-ins dont migrate back and forth.

  • Okay thanks btw does bias fx 2 standard have a tonecloud I can't seem to find tones to download