MIDI not recognized by BIAS-FX2 v., USB works fine

  • Anyone having similar issues with MIDI not working with BIAS-FX2 ?

    MIDI not recognized by BIAS-FX2 v., USB works fine.
    Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro MIDI foot pedalboard, with MIDI OUT plugged into Focusrite 2pre MIDI IN.
    Mac OS v.11.1
    BIAS-FX2 v. (USB works fine).

    I've tried replacing MIDI cable 3 times with 3 different MIDI cables.
    MIDI not recognized by BIAS-FX2. (USB works fine)

  • Are you using stand alone version or VST?

    Try it first in the standalone version

  • @seb1215 You keep stating "USB works fine" but not real sure exactly what you are referring to - can you clarify what USB you meant?

    Also - OS v. 11.1 - Big Sur? if so may be the reason (see attached pic)
    0_1609648061061_Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 8.24.32 PM.png

  • I'm on Big Sur and use an Xtone interface that transmits MIDI successfully to Bias FX.

    "USB works fine" doesn't make perfect sense since all MIDI gets transferred via usb (or thunderbolt or firewire). I assume you mean the audio is working.

    Try a different app or get the free Midi Monitor app. It will show all midi activity so you can be sure it's getting into the computer.

    Make sure your audio interface has the Midi option checked in the Bias FX audio settings.