PreSonus recording and output slight delay

  • Hi All,

    I downloaded ASIO driver and installed PreSonus and registered successfully. Setup the Spark as input for recording. When I record I can hear the direct sound from the guitar through the spark amp and also while recording through the amp as well. There is a fraction of a second delay between what I hear from the guitar through the amp and as I record.

    What is "best practice" settings/setup for spark recording and playback?

    I lay a new track, click the rec on the track, then the main record to begin recording

  • Set the buffer for the least time avail. Use a buffered pedal like everyone has. Use anything just to change the signal to a buffered one. This is something not everyone knows. When you strike a note, it goes through alot of things before it makes noise in speakers. I think your going to have to swallow this fact like I did. Just like a long guitar cable adds noise or reduces signal adding resistance. When you go thru a cable, guitar, USB, Spark, into a windows OS, then into its drivers, then into the DAW your using and then processed, its going to have a delay of sorts. Reducing it and living with those results is what you need to work with.

  • Heres another point to think about; most big musicians record a track and then modify that with effects. Guitar players modify the signal before its recorded. The reason for this is the delay problems.

    When you wrap your head around recording and processing with a PC you have to take delay into account. Theres no way around it.

    Most people will strive to record a very clean track and then modify it with effects later. This way eliminating delay because the PC already has the music in it to read in a split fraction of a second reducing the signal path processing.

    I think your going to have to get used to recording a song THEN adding your effects.

  • @comptech302 Thanks for the tips. I've used in the past a USB pro audio device (can't remember the brand now, must take it out of storage) with cakewalk's sonar x3 professional. I haven't used the setup for a long time now. I don't recall having so much delay in the signal processing. And I use a three-foot guitar cable. I think my buffer settings are set to 512. I'll try something less, hopefully, it won't get all choppy