Where's the bias news?

  • Bias desktop is a good program
    More is getting obsolete

    We haven't seen for a long time
    new amplifiers ..? where is it?
    New Pedals ..? where is it?
    where are the new features?
    stopped in time?

    We all ignore competitors
    launching new features
    With several news
    Ampl..5 /
    Bias ??? There is not

    There are more license updates than new
    sad reality.

    Let's wait for an answer, if they are going to launch something new

  • @matewshy Amplitube 4 was released in 2015, so it took 5 years for IK Multimedia to update to Amplitube 5.
    Guitar Rig 5 was released in 2011 so it took 9 years for NI to update to Guitar Rig 6.
    Bias FX 2 was released in March of 2019. It hasn't been that long, by comparison to those others you mentioned.

  • Truth!
    Both were released after a while!
    and for this reason it lost space in the market.

    And now they are recovering their position again
    of your positions
    putting new hyper-realistic features

    Bias 2015 - >> Bias fx2 2019

    Do you have to follow the same example?
    spy years to launch novelty?

    What drives them to seek more
    improvement are the suggestions and demands of users

    What pleases, attracts!

  • @matewshy The longer wait times are due to the emergence of mobile markets, as well as hardware products.
    IK Multimedia developed iRig and AXE products.
    Native Instruments continued with Traktor, Maschine, and everything in their Komplete line.
    Positive Grid developed mobile apps, as well as the Spark amp.
    All of these things require time, money, and human resources just to maintain , nevermind to also create new products.
    It's not unrealistic to expect that the next version of BIAS FX will be at least a year away, probably more.

  • This post is deleted!

  • So,
    when they notice that there are more tools with more options
    maybe do the same as ik and native.
    5 to 9 years from now ...

    In several private forums we noticed
    that everyone says and agrees with the same thing

    here I see that thoughts are different.