There's a new kid in town...

  • Hi Sparkers,

    Some of you may already know me. I run the Spark Amp Lovers Facebook group.
    I just launched few hours ago a new website with lots of Spark resources including How-tos, documentation, tutorials, faq.
    Information can be accessed quickly and easily. A lot of content out there to help you master your amp!
    Feel free to come by Spark Amp Lovers

    Cheers and happy holidays

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  • @fdestors Thanks for sharing this information with us -- it looks like a fantastic single-source place to get information which has hitherto been hard to track down since it's been spread out over a lot of place. Thank you for creating that web-site! I've already bookmarked it!

  • Thanks @dhbailey i'm glad you like the website.
    I'm still adding some content as i keep on receiving new questions by email now ;)

  • @fdestors
    very interesting, thanks

  • Dude! That's great!!!

    For your screen recordings, if you have PowerPoint, you can use its screen recording feature. Once recorded you can the save the screen recording as an mp4 by right-clicking the recording in PowerPoint and then save as...

    Good work!


  • Looks cool but not crazy about the forced cookie thing, so didn't go into the site.