X Drummer is great but it crashed my Auria Pro and Cubasis 3 - IAA....is it fixed? Also what other apps do you like?

  • I love X drummer but it crashed my IAA/master to Auria Pro as well as Cubasis 3 to the point where it became unusable and totally unstable

    Customer support is great, Lei submitted a ticket, but i just wanted to see what other users saw....especially with iOS 14, its been hell

    What other metal drum machines do you have or use? I found Drumperfect pro obviously to be like the BFD3 of drums, almost too technical for a a novice but as impressive as Auria pro is for DAWs on an iPad.... then i also love drum session, which is the perfect blend of automation like EZdrummer......then there is rock drum machine ,which seems to be like jamstix or like apple’s drummers in garage band...

    Anyway, what have you used successfully without crashes and have you noticed anything since iOS 14?

    :) merry Christmas and happy holidays

  • Should i try to re purchase it and try it on the new iPad Pro and iOS/?

  • Nope still crashes

    They haven’t updated this in years