Will wait for Spark 2

  • I was waiting for my Spark to arrive. I watched most of the reviews on YouTube that were overall very positive. There were only few issues I identified, so I purchased through Amazon to allow me to easily return if needed. I’m glad I checked the PG Spark forum. Unlike YouTube, there were several recurring issues that I consider significant. So, I’m returning my Spark and waiting for those issues to be resolved or possibly a Spark 2 release. I’m currently using Bias FX2 Standard on my iPad mounted on a mic stand and playing through an Ion Outback audio amp. I’ll invest $50 for the Elite upgrade in place of the Spark. I’ll check back in 6 months or so.

  • I don't think they will release another Spark at least for a long time, maybe update it and something like that. But if you want an amp "similar" to the Spark the Yamaha THR is also a pretty good option

  • there's nothing wrong with the spark amp, but plenty wrong with the spark app.