BFX2 window size

  • Using Windows 10, Why can you only control the window to standard (too small) 125% & 175% both too large!
    On any Widows Application (apart from BFX)you are able to control window size to fit the computer screen.
    This is part of window container sizing why have PG decided to grey the sizing option out?

  • I think this is a common feature request. No idea why you can’t resize the win 10 windows. I think it must be possible on a Mac given the marketing photos show a full screen app. Wouldn’t hold out much hope for a update that fixes this, think we may just have to live with it.

  • Yes PG seem heavily biased (no pun intended) to Iphone and tablets and Mac PC's I think they must be subsidised by Apple?
    Like no apps for Android (except Spark) with the excuse that android is not a fast enough OS! A bit lame really when you think that my Android phone is faster than my Windows laptop.
    I really think that PG have their head in the sand for some things.