Choppy sound?

  • Hi everyone

    Just got my spark and super pumped to start messing around. However I am a bit disappointed as when I use the app the sound is super choppy. It sounds like the volume is going up and down really fast. Or just some notes don't register at all.

    I am using a Pixel 4a 5g connected via bluetooth. I have the phone a foot or two from the spark.

    If I use it without the app it works great but one of the biggest selling points I wanted to use was the app and it doesn't seem to work well at all.

    I also checked and updated firmware.

    Anything else I can try?

    Thanks for any info!

  • That swells on the volume can be cause by some modulation effects, and because of the new update it can happen to you that the app is showing that some effects is of but in reality is turned on and its affecting to the tone, so make sure to put down the effects you don't want to hear, hopefully that will be fixed by next update

  • Probably the noise gate is again to blame.
    Turn off the noise gate and try again.

  • @de_cunny What exactly is this noise gate you speak of. I see it alot in other posts.

    Thanks for the updates guys!

  • @igibason It's the first effect in the chain in the app. For every other effect and for the amp model itself there are different things to choose among, but there is only one single noise gate and it is horrible. Open the app and either turn the noise gate off by using your finger to slide it up or tap the power button that's displayed. If that makes your sound too noisy, then leave the noise gate enabled but turn the left-hand knob all the way to the left (basically down to nothing) and the right-hand knob all the way to the right (all the way up). Then you can make slight adjustments if there is still noise getting through. It's all done with the app.