FX2 v2.2.2.5090 - Can't move window or close program

  • Just upgraded to 5090.... now the standalone app loads on Windows 10 ok, but there is no window border, the app 'sticks' to the top of the screen and can be moved. With no window borders it can't be closed without right clicking in the task bar and closing.

    Looks like a bug - anybody having window issues with 5090 in Windows 10?

  • @redspecial62 Sounds very strange. No issues here on Win 10 and the standalone.


  • @myxolydian ok cheers.. maybe I'll reinstall, doesn't sound like a common issue

  • Hi all.. this is now fixed. Have to say GREAT support from PG. I first contacted them via chat from the website expecting some automated support bot - but surprisingly got a real and very helpful person. Couldn't fix over chat so they logged a call and 1 day later I got an email from support with some suggestions.

    The first suggestion worked, which was to change the display percentage to 100%. I toggled the display percentage from the recommended 200%, back to 100% and back again..then boom.... all sorted... FX2, now has its window controls back and all is good.

    Hope this may help somebody else in the future...

    Time to play guitar!