Spark Quality Issues with Studio One

  • I've had my Spark for a few days and was very excited to be able to record directly into PreSonus Studio One. However I'm having two issues with the quality of the recordings:

    1. The overall tone is significantly worse on playback vs. when I'm recording. It sounds fine as I'm recording but when I play it back over the Spark or monitor speakers the tone is much thinner and there is odd distortion throughout.

    2. It's not as consistent as #1, but I also get spots where there is static or the signal cuts out for a split second, further eroding the quality of the recording.

    Any hints to deal with these problems? I've tried two different USB cables and I updated the Spark firmware but no difference. It's worth noting when I record using Bias FX with my guitar plugged into a PreSonus 24C there are no issues, so it's not a problem with Studio One, it's something about how the signal from the Spark is being processed.

    Thanks in advance!

  • I had the same problem. I wound up running the headphone out to a Morely A/B switch and ran A and B out to input 1 and 2 on my Focusrite solo interface. Cleaned things up quite a bit and can drive the sound or balance it with the daw and gain adjustments on the Solo