The dreaded humming grounded spark journey

  • Hi folks, hope everything is well with your sparks. I purchased my spark July and got it around last week of August. I used it not more than 5 times. Almost 2 weeks ago when I turned on my spark I hear a loud humming/ground sound and if I press the user buttons 1 through 4 it gets louder. I connected my spark Bluetooth to my phone, it connects and it plays music. However, the humming is still present. When the guitar cable is connected there is no guitar sound at all just the strong humming sound (I used at least 4 different cables working on my other amp without any hum). I also played around with the noise gate, having it turned on and set to the highest position eliminates the hum but there is still no guitar sound. I contacted support and got a replacement grounded three prong power cable. The new grounded power cable didn't help at all. I still have the loud humming. I was provided with a ticket number and my problem was escalated. I will update my post as soon as I get updates from them. Anyone experienced the same thing?

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  • I have exactly the same issue , the amp is unusable I have tried their suggestion and it does not fix my issue.

  • @jondwilly Are you using the amp plugged into a particularly "crowded" circuit in your house? A circuit that might have noisy appliances sharing it, such as an air conditioner, washer/dryer, furnace, florescent lights? Try taking your amp to a different building (a friend's house, a church, someplace with an outlet) and see how it works there. Sometimes just moving the amp to a different room in the house solves that sort of problem.

  • @kermiteffect I also have the dreaded hum issue. I tried different outlets, rotating the the plug, ... It does stop if I plug the USB cable into the Spark and my computer, but that is not an acceptable solution. It also stopped when I used a grounded power supply from my Asus laptop. The barrel plug is not an exact match, but it works. Again, not an acceptable solution.

  • @cww7326

    Did you contact support yet? PG will send you the correct three prong grounded PS adapter if you ask nicely. Which in fact a properly grounded power supply is the solution for many of us.

  • Hi folks, yes I contacted support and sent out a video of the problem. After that my case ticket was escalated. Then I got a confirmation that my spark will be sent out for repairs l, now I'm just waiting for the shipping label. It took me more or less a week for all the back and forth with support.