Synch tones between app on iPhone and iPad

  • Is there a way to synch my downloaded tones between the apps on my iPhone and iPad?

  • If you go to settings, there’s a section called Backup Presets. This will take you to a Dropbox login where you can backup or restore from Dropbox.

  • As far as I know, there is currently no backup option for the Spark app.
    You may be able to transfer your own presets to other devices via iTunes.
    I'll try that later.

  • You can transfer your own presets to other IOS devices as follows:

    1. Connect the iPad with your presets to the Mac
    2. Open Finder and click on iPad
    3. Then click on Files and Spark
    4. Drag and drop the Preset folder in Spark onto the Mac screen.
    5. Remove the IPad and connect the iPhone.
    6. Open Finder and click iPhone
    7. First click on Files, then Spark
    8. Drag and drop presets from the screen to the Spark folder.
    9. Delete the old preset file there
    10. Remove the iPhone