Audio Input Working?

  • Have you guys been able to use the audio input jack? I've tried playing the backing tracks from the app into the amp and it's just silent. Maybe I need to read the manual again. :)

    I was able to connect to it over bluetooth which I was surprised worked since I was already connected through the app, but it seems like that'll be a better solution since I can still control the amp and not have any cables. Now it's just more of a curiosity.

  • @jaxbassmaster I had no problem hooking up my iPod to the Audio input jack. How did you hook up from your device to the amp? Perhaps the cable wasn't the proper one? If you have a device with a headphone out jack, a basic 1/8" to 1/8" stereo male plug on both ends cable should work. If you have a newer iPhone or iPad which lacks the headphone jack what cable did you use to get output from the device to the amp?

  • @dhbailey Weird. I have an iPhone 11 so I used a lightning-to-headphone adapter and then a 1/8-1/8 cable. Could be the cable. I have another one around here somewhere I'll try to scrounge up. Thanks!

  • @jaxbassmaster do you have the output set to go to the headphone jack? If it's set to go through a bluetooth connection then the headphone jack won't work.